Welcome to Mychurch: Santa Barbara/ Thousand Oaks

Making Ready A People For The Lord.


Santa Barbara

4430 Hollister Avenue,
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

10 am PT – Sunday Mornings 

Thousand Oaks

31192 LaBaya Drive Suite A
Westlake Village, CA 91362

10 am PT – Sunday Mornings 

About Us

Welcome to MyChurch!  We help people get answers.  With abundance of scripture and the help of the Spirit of God, people experience physical healing. No diagnosis is too great for God. Depression and mental anguish can be vanquished.  Interpersonal relationships – whether work related, family, or general socialization can all be implemented very quickly. Children are made to know their destiny at a very early age – they then provoke the adults as to how easy it is to find the plan and purpose of God! The elderly can live out a full life – their minds become clear and active again. Marriages are restored as simple scriptural keys are applied. The college and career age find their callings with certainty.  God tells them what to do and then opens doors of opportunity too!  Addictions are broken – not through sheer tyranny of will – but by the powerful freeing ability of the Spirit of God.  

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Following The Spirit Of God

You are a spirit. You possess a mind, a will with emotions, and – you live in a body.  Just knowing that YOU are a spirit helps us to locate the “microphone” that God uses to speak to us.  God is a Spirit and He speaks to YOUR spirit.  You don’t have to be dominated or bossed around by your emotions. You do not have to be bullied by what your body demands in it’s cravings or desires. A truly liberating teaching – a must to be led by the Spirit of God into your destiny!

Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues. A no nonsense, anti-mystical, scripturally sound approach to the experience of speaking in other tongues.  The greatest way to enhance your prayer language is to double up on the scriptures regarding speaking in other tongues.  With practical application and doctrine this teaching will change your prayer life and if you have never spoken in tongues and would like to – just listen to this teaching and follow the easy-peasey instructions at the end! 🙂