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Welcome to MyChurch! We help people get answers. With abundance of scripture and the help of the Spirit of God - people experience physical healing. No diagnosis is to great for God. Depression and mental anguish can be vanquished. Interpersonal relationships - whether work related, family, or general socialization can all be implemented very quickly. Children are made to know their destiny at a very early age - they then provoke the adults as to how easy it is to find the plan and purpose of God! The elderly can live out a full life - their minds become clear and their bodies become active. Marriages are restored as simple scriptural keys are applied. Financial increase is taught and financial answers are wrought! God desires to give good gifts to you - He is a loving PROVIDING FATHER. He will supply your financial needs! The college and career age find their callings with certainty. God tells them what to do and opens door of opportunity too! Addictions are broken - not through sheer tyranny of will - but by the powerful freeing ability of the Sprit of God!

Answers in every area are sooooooo possible and YOU are possible. With practical application and tons of joy - we will watch you succeed!

Oh what wondrous plans the Lord has for you! No mistake is too great - for reals! The gifts and callings of God are without repentance - as long as you have breath - God’s highest and best awaits you!

We look forward to seeing you!

Pastor Lonnie and Dana Shrader

About Us


Lonnie Shrader graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in 1990. Lonnie specialized in evangelism. He also served in a variety of helps capacities for 10 years at Rhema Bible Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma . Reverend Shrader assisted in Rhema Bible Training Center’s Healing School and was also employed by Rhema Bible Church. In 1997 Lonnie graduated from Domata School of Missions under Mark Brazee Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lonnie also served for 4 years in a helps capacities to the “Prayer Partner Program” under Mark Brazee Ministries. Reverend Shrader pastored Oasis Christian Church in Solvang, California for 4 years. He then stepped over into full time itinerant ministry and traveled in the U.S. and overseas. Lonnie teaches on the subject of prayer life for the individual, corporate or united prayer, faith, how to be lead by the Spirit, and man on three dimensions – spirit, soul, and body. In September 2017, Reverend Shrader and his wife Dana founded MyChurch/Thousand Oaks, California. They pastor and itinerate.

Dana Shrader is a 1990 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Dana graduated from the Pastors group. Reverend Dana was involved in the Prayer and Healing Center’s Prayer Groups Program for 6 years. Dana went to Palermo, Italy, in 1994 in a helps capacity to Reverend Tony and Patsy Cameneti for the ’94, ’95 school year of Domata School of Missions. Reverend Dana returned to Tulsa in January of 1996 and became Prayer Coordinator for Mark Brazee Ministries. During this time Dana managed all facets of corporate prayer as well as pioneering up 70 prayer groups. Dana Shrader stepped out into full time itinerant ministry in January of 2000. She has since traveled and taught on the subject of individual and united prayer to churches nationally and internationally. Dana is also the author of the book, “You Can Pray”, and “The Prayer Partner Groups Manual – A Guide to Raising up Prayer Groups in the Local Church.” She just released her first children’s book, “Tony Talks In Tongues”. She is the author of prayerpartnerprogram.com. Dana helps churches set up prayer groups that are tailored to their specific needs and effectual.

The Shraders teach empowering principles of faith that cause the individual believer to rise up and obtain real answers in every area of life. Far from flowery powerless sermons, they supply easy, effectual tools to move people forward in the Lord. Messages of faith and love accompanied by clean staunch doctrine - produce real change. From physical healing to believing God to help you pay your light bill - look no further - answers are here! The Shraders also preach the message, “You Can Pray”. They do not preach, “you had better pray”, or, “you outta pray”. No. Strong scriptural support is combined with opportunity to yield to the Spirit of God. Demonstrations and manifestations of God’s presence and His power are sure to follow. The Christian is built to pray! Effectual prayer is easy and effectual prayer is fun!  

Lonnie and Dana Shrader base their ministry out of Thousand Oaks, California.