The Power Of Confession


Healing Is The Will Of God


Observe To Do – Confession


God’s Mercy Manifests In Healing


Look – stare – be consumed with healing and your healing will manifest. Look away from symptoms and unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith.


Look Unto Jesus – Look Away From The Lies Of Symptoms


Focus on the report of your Divine Great Doctor.


God has made a way for you to believe for any and every promise in the Bible.


Hold Fast To That Which You Already Have

HSK 10

The Believer’s Authority is a key to physical healing. Jesus died and rose again to delegate His healing authority to the born again Christian.

HSK 11

Real Faith Means Speaking The Word Til Your Mind Agrees With Your Spirit.

HSK 12

You Are A Believer – You Have A Measure Of The God Kind Of Faith – Everything Is Possible For You.

HSK 13

We must staunchly believe the Word – not our symptoms.

HSK 14

Those believing for healing – we purpose to FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. We purpose to let our mind’s eye look only at the Word and it’s promises. We purpose only to listen to the divine leadings of the Holy Spirit.

HSK 15

Healing power is in the Word of God.

HSK 16

Great exploits? The great exploits of the last days are individual believers that stand their ground for their healing. This proves that Jesus is still alive

HSK 17

You have the power of the Spirit to help you to believe. You have the Words of life.

HSK 18

You are born again. You are set free from sin. You redeemed from incipient death which is sickness and disease.

HSK 19

You are born again. You are set free from sin. You redeemed from incipient death which is sickness and disease.

HSK 20

The Life of God – the river of life – that emanates from under the throne – runs through the midst of you – IF YOU BELIEVE.

HSK 21

There is tremendous healing power in the WORD OF GOD.

HSK 22

The healing at the pool of Bethesda occurred because the healing waters began to move. You can move those waters right now and put yourself in.

HSK 23

Faith requires an act. Unless that act or action is one initiated by the leading of the Holy Ghost – the first act is always SPEAKING THE WORD.

HSK 24

I believe the truth of God’s word – I do not believe lies. As I continue to gaze at the truth of God’s word – lies of sickness and diseased symptoms dissipate.

HSK 25

When coming to God for healing – every believer must be convinced that it is God’s will to heal until one has lived out the allotted span of life.

HSK 26

We know it is God’s will to heal us because of God’s redemptive names. God is the same yesterday – today – and forever. His name has not changed.

HSK 27

The Brazen Serpent. Everyone knows John 3:16. But John 3:14,15 will get you healed and THE GREAT TRUTH OF THE NEW BIRTH IS CONTAINED WITHIN THIS ETERNITY ALTERING EVENT!

HSK 28

Christ has redeemed us from all sickness. Jesus went to the cross to pay for our sins – AND FOR ALL PHYSICAL SICKNESS.

HSK 29

According to Galatians 3:13,14 – the Christian is legally redeemed from all sickness and disease – it has no right to LEGALLY STAY IN OUR BODIES.

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Physical Healing is manifested in the Old Testament – we have new and better promises. We have a better covenant – not less! Healing is promised to all through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. The atonement – the finished work of the cross – guarantees us physical healing TODAY.

HSK 32

Healing is as much for today as the atonement for sins is for today. Healing is a part of the atonement. To deny healing for today is to deny the atonement for today.

HSK 33

Your Body Will Follow Whatever You Say

HSK 34

Never base your faith on your symptoms

HSK 35

Christ Through His Finished Work On The Cross Paid The Price And Redeemed Us From Physical Sickness And Disease Just As Thoroughly As We Redeemed Us From Hell.

HSK 36

Healing Is The Will Of God – Because God Is Good And The Devil Is Bad. If Something Is Bad – Kills Steals Or Destroys You Dont Have To Pray About It – Its The Devil. Healing Is Good – God Is Good. He Is So Good That Physical Healing Is Embedded In Redemption.

HSK 37

Speak His Words. His Words are Spirit. You will find His Words. Just keep speaking it, and seeing it, and hearing it – and you will find Him – and it’ll be life to you and heal your entire body.

HSK 38

God’s Word is Medicine

HSK 39

Speak the Word of God – literal power, strength and virtue will come out of God – through your spirit – into your flesh. Your spirit is made strong by the Word of God.

HSK 40

Build up your spirit with the word of God BY SPEAKING THE WORD OF GOD. SICKNESS AND DISEASE WILL FLEE.

HSK 41

Build up your spirit with the power of Gods word. It will change your body.

HSK 42

Spiritually – We Have To Eat The Right Things – Exercise – And Watch Out For Drains.

HSK 43

Speak the word of God – do it like an exercise – commit to it – set a time for it. It will change your body.

HSK 44

The art and exercise of declaring Gods word will heal you. Close your eyes – speak each word like you are tasting the flavors of a well cooked steak. Savor each word. See which words your heart leaps out at. Speak it over and over until peace and joy overflow you and you have forgotten about your symptoms.

HSK 45

Will Speaking The Word Of God Actually Affect My Physical Body? Yes!!!

HSK 46

We know healing is the will of God when we look at the first of the creation. All things were good. Adam and Eve couldn’t even die. Their bodies were immortal. When they fell – their physical bodies fell with them. In dying they died. Or in other words – they started to die. Sickness and disease is incipient death. We are redeemed from sickness and disease. God redeemed what Adam and Eve did.

HSK 47

Jesus prayed that thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is no sickness, no disease in heaven. Therefore it has no right to abide in us.

HSK 48

We know we have a right to the healing virtue of God because WE WERE REDEEMED FROM THE CURSE OF THE FALL THROUGH OUR SECOND ADAM – JESUS!

HSK 49

Sickness is of the devil. It is never sent from God to teach you something. Yes you can learn more about God and draw closer to him IF YOU EMPLOY FAITH AND DRAW CLOSE TO HIM. But sickness and disease are not the teaching agents. The Holy Ghost is the teacher. NEVER ATTRIBUTE THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL TO THE HOLY GHOST.

HSK 50

Healing Was In The Old Testament Covenant. According To Hebrews 8:6 – We Born Again Christians Are Living Under A Better Covenant With Better Promises That The Old Covenant. If God Stated His Actual Name As, “The God That Healeth You” In The Old Testament – How Much More Of A Healer Is He Today On This Side Of The Resurrection.

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God Is A Good Father

HSK 52

The Fact That It Is Scripturally Proven That Gods Will Is Physical Healing Silences The Heresies Of The Devil And The Doctrines Of Men. By Looking At The Scriptures – Like A Laundry List – Your Heart Will Bear Witness And Produce A Faith That Cannot Be Denied! Sometimes The Best Way To Shut Up The Devil, Your Symptoms, Nagging Doubt And Unbelief Is To Just Look At The Scriptures – Like A Lawyer. You Will Be Convinced – State Your Case – And The Gavel Of The Judge Will Fall Declaring That You Are Healed!

HSK 53

Speaking The Word Changes The Very Physical Status Of Your Body. It Is The Science Of Finding Where Life Shows Up – Following It – And Administering It To Your Bones – Sinew – Organs – Body Chemistries – And Every Physical Cell Of Your Body.