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About Prayerskool


Prayerskool is the itinerant and or roving side of MyChurch. 

Lonnie and Dana Shrader have been traveling nationally and internationally for 20 years teaching on the subject of prayer.   With razor sharp doctrine, demonstration of the Spirit, and practical application the believer finds an instant change in their personal prayer life.  If they speak in tongues their language will become more fluent and inhabited. AND - every Christian will find an enhancement of their understanding of the plans, purposes, and pursuits of the will of God.  We are talking real answers to prayer. The Shraders then gather all that power, utterance and excitement and harness it safely under the office of the pastor.  This creates momentum - a dynamo if you will - called united prayer.  This powerful engine of “united prayer” will lurch the local church forward in unity, provision, evangelism, and the destiny God intended for the congregation. United prayer and or CORPORATE PRAYER is the final powerful supplement of the last days Church. Corporate Prayer will access the great end time harvest and trip the trigger of the return of the Lord - Hallelujah!

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Lonnie and Dana Shrader

P.O. Box 19281

Newbury Park, CA